Pinawa: Forgotten Futures

Andrew John Milne



Jenn E Norton


Matthew Biederman and Pierce Warnecke


Swinging Suitcase

Jessica Thompson


Ying Gao


Steve Daniels


January 26 - May 13 2018

THEMUSEUM, Kitchener, ON

Co-Curators Jane Tingley and Alain Thibault

Curatorial Assistant:  Žana Kozomora

INTERACTION is an exhibition that explores how Canadian artists and designers are engaging the public through interactivity. The presented works are both material art objects as well as interactive systems that are designed to be realized by an active viewer, one that co-creates, participates, and engages versus passively consuming media. The works in this show invite critical reflection by engaging the body and the mind, with playful and open-ended encounters, sensorially rich experiences, and immersive environments. The selected works use old and new technologies in order to imagine the future, explore the context of our technological present, critically reflect on digital culture, and engage the body on a sensorial and experiential.

INTERACTION is a multi-modal art exhibition that will take place at THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener (ON), and will also extend into the sister cities of Kitchener and Waterloo (ON) at Communitech and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). The exhibition and related programming will run through January 26 to May 13, 2018.

Participating artists:

Adam Basanta, Andrew John Milne, Daniel Iregui, David Rokeby, François Quévillon, Jenn E Norton, Jessica Thompson, kokoromi, Matthew Biederman and Pierce Warnecke, Myriam Bleau, Projet EVA, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Steve Daniels, Ying Gao.


Curated by Žana Kozomora

A selection of internet art works dating back to the 1990s highlights a movement of artists creating work at the intersection of experimental aesthetics and interactive technologies, using the medium as a sometimes playful and sometimes critical vessel of communication between users on the internet. 

There is a general presumption in the west that what is uploaded online remains there forever, a free space unrestrained by the rules and laws that govern within national borders. However, the mass influx of daily data, collapse of machine systems, and the threat against net neutrality proves otherwise. These works, both ephemeral and archival in this way, could soon signify the end of an era of “free communication”. The works are intended to be experienced from a user’s very personal vantage point; whether it’s from the privacy of their computer, or in public spaces such as internet cafés before the mass use of mobile and cellular devices became common place.

For many of these artists, the notion of interactive exchange with any user, anywhere in the world, is the inherent basis of their artwork and underscores some of the more radical motivations of internet art; to reveal and undermine the power structures of digital, political, and commercial networks and systems. 

 Net artworks on view by artists/collectives: Entropy8Zuper!, Jodi.org, Joe Hamilton, Josh On and Olia Lialina.