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From the peak of my head to the ends of my arms


This video installation was first presented for the group exhibition “The Brain is Wider than the Sky” curated by Crystal Mowry at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery. The exhibition of this work was generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council. Installation shots by photographer Robert McNair.

Twenty years after displacement, the artist returns to her birth city of Sarajevo to find and document her family's home in ruin. Four perspectives of the house are stitched together and mirrored to collapse the structure and emphasize the anthropomorphic features of the architecture; how its porous and crumbling frame suggests a kind of living being. The panoramic, enveloping, uncanny landscape extends to the brick barricade stacked on the gallery floor, which hide layered voices of conversations sourced from the artist and her father rummaging for memory, and from unexpected visitors who occupy the structure in the present day. The installation inserts the ghostly presence of the placeless into a landscape from which notions of home and the construct of identity have all but evaporated, providing only echoes of the past, present and ambiguous future.​

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