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Jedi Se series


This series of print works entitled ‘Jedi se’ (translated to ‘Eat yourself’) were created from moulds of baroque frames that I inherited from my grandmother as an investigation of the kitsch or cultural objects that displaced people manage to carry with them as reminders of homeland.  The baroque wooden frames were covered in silicone putty that was cured and peeled away, creating a negative copy of the intricately carved wooden frame. These now rubbery and malleable sculptures were rolled with ink and placed through a printing press, using a manual press to apply pressure and squeeze the ornament of the sculpture onto sheets of collaged paper. I further utilized large sheets of delicate Japanese paper, replacing the machine with my own body, to perform a physical labour of making; aggressively dragging and stamping these silicone molds. The series is an exploration of tensions between the cultural ornament and its disrupted translation, to investigate notions of disconnection, trace, and shifting identities.


Jedi Se

Silicone-inked and pressed prints on newsprint paper, wheat-pasted to gallery wall.

The Artery, University of Waterloo

Waterloo, ON

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