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The Tourist



The Tourist
Exhibition at Centre[3], Hamilton, ON as part of the Emerging Artist Residency


The Tourist is a video and print installation that situates the artist’s exploration of displacement from her hometown as a collaborative travelogue. The artist follows the path of a tourist, overlaying her voice onto the camera’s roaming eye. Using video and information culled from digital archives, a parallel journey home is envisioned. Accompanied by the tourist’s performative and nationalist gestures, the tourist walks the artist’s hometown of Ilidža in Bosnia, filming post-war landmarks, ruined and renovated architecture, and her exiled family home. By using content collected from tourist and government websites, including NATO archives, the artist narrates this journey to investigate the masking and unmasking of colonial and conflict histories embedded into her childhood suburb.

Accompanied by a series of silkscreen prints entitled Flood Stone with Smoke I-X, (43°49’41.2″N 18°18’22.1″E), Kozomora utilizes the process of screen printing to create a series of fragmented icons, manipulated from digital photographs, depicting the wall of her derelict childhood home. The layered flooding of ink and colour through exposed holes in a screen seep charred marks on the stonewalls. Positioning herself as a secondary tourist to her own place of birth, the artist seeks to revisit methods of constructing memory and identity in light of globalized digital information sharing.


Photo: Andrew Butkevicius


Photo: Andrew Butkevicius

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